The amazing independent artist community.


The support and encouragement of the independent artist community never ceases to amaze me.
I got this gorgeous letter and original artwork form Chrissy Lau on Saturday. Which was a wonderful surprise, as I wasn’t expecting Saturday mail.

And I have been greatly encouraged by the support regarding this matter. It is good to know there is such a strong , friendly community, working together. you guys are awesome!

Christmas baking


At last the Christmas baking has begun 🙂

My wall


I find renting very limiting, as I can’t punch holes in the wall and blue tack pictures all over my wall. But with some clever ingenuity I have managed to rig these few things up on my wall. In the left corner you can see some of the bunting I made 🙂

Recommended reading


photo by Emillie

A few new blogs I have discovered, that I recommend subscribing too;

Forth Thread now for sale

Forth Thread
The much anticipated Forth Thread zine, that I have been working on with Stuart Smythe, is now available for purchase!
It is an A5 zine, full colour, 48 pages full of great art, and each zine is individually numbered, as there are a limited number.
Featuring art and interviews from Neil Krug, David Thompson, Kareem Rizk, Betca, and many more.
It’ll make a great little Christmas gift for any art/design lover.

Show reel 2009

Show Reel 2009 from Tabitha Patterson on Vimeo.

I created a short show reel of the video work I have done this year, and a little from last year. Enjoy!

Jessica Hische Teaches you Type

click to enlarge


rather nice break down, of how to design type by typographer
Jessica Hische. She creates some amazing typography, and if
you havn’t seen it before check outher daily drop cap blog, for some rather lust-worthy drop caps.

End of year exhibition




Well tonight was my end of year exhibition, at Tafe. It’s weird to think its all over now. I took a few photos before the crowds poured in (there were so many people there, it was amazing). The top picture is of me with some of the girls from my class (you might noticed, I have dyed my hair red!!) . The middle picture is my banner, which I was exhibiting on the night. And the last shot is of some pretty decals on the windows, which I thought were quite cute. There was some amazing work on display, very inspiring.
Also amazingly enough, the Forth Thread zine showed up in the nick of time and we were able to give a stack away for free.

Christmas tree 09

christmas tree 09

christmas tree 09

christmas tree 09

This year for our Christmas tree, we wanted to have a stick tree again like last year, but this time we wanted a more natural looking one, rather than white. Not sure how we would go about creating such a tree, one day my mum discovered willow branches at the supermarket of all place, which happened to be the perfect thing. More pics on flickr.

Forth Thread Issue One


You may recall, I am part of a design collaboration called ‘Forth Thread‘, a website and zine
dedicated to showcasing established and up and coming talent.

The much anticipated moment, is soon upon us. We are nervously waiting and praying
the zines come from the printer today (as promised). Because after several months of hard work, lots of emails and late nights on msn, the Forth Thread zine is finally here! Featuring some amazing talent from around the world.
And tonight, at our end of year Tafe Exhibition we will be giving away 400 signed copies!!!
After tonight, we will start selling them, so don’t fret if you miss out. There is plenty to go around.