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I love the balloons in these wedding photos by Jessica Claire, what a beautiful idea. Would be a fun idea to use for a party .. hmm.. maybe a tea party, who wants to have a fun tea party with balloons, pretty tea cups and candles, now that would be fun 🙂

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jacqueline amy

December 16, 2009 Reply



December 16, 2009 Reply

they do look gorgeous. Just remind of a balloon to fly around the world in.

Sophie Isobel Designs

December 16, 2009 Reply

oh yes please! that is just beautiful!


December 16, 2009 Reply

I love tea party decorating. sounds like a wonderful idea.

Jordan Clarke

December 17, 2009 Reply

oh-my-goodness what a gorgeous idea! i'm thinking xmas table decorations...hmm


December 17, 2009 Reply

mm, yeah could be good for xmas too, i cant wait to get decorating.

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