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It’s pouring with rain here, I can feel that winter vibe. Just wanting to relax and snuggle up in a cozy jumper with a hot cocoa. Yesterday, Element Eden, are having a knit off this winter. When I first saw the comp, I thought, what a fun idea, but remembered back to the days, my grandma and mum tried to teach me to knit, and the scarf I tried to make ended up rather wonky. I was constantly dropping stitches or getting the tension too tight, then too loose. I decided I wasn’t much of a knitting pro. I did however have better success with crochet, so its been my stitch of choice. So since my past relationship with knitting wasn’t so great, I thought, maybe not. But then they personally invited me, and with the thought of a fun free starter pack, I decided, it was time to give knitting another go.

So I pulled out my needlecraft book, and started practicing, I seem to have the hang of it! Now to learn some more stitches and tricks, and I might be able to actually make something. For now I will just keep knitting, and it might somehow turn into something. I do have one crazy idea, which would be super awesome, if I could pull it off, but only time will tell. Wish me luck!!

I can actually see why the elderly take up knitting, it such an easy going relaxing hobby, no stress, no computer screen, just chill out snuggle into the couch and knit away. A great way to slow down in this fast pace world.

If you are any good at knitting, or want to take up a new hobby this winter, get your starter back from Element Eden. It comes with a fun Mug Cozy pattern (hmm I have never actually followed a knitting patten before, should be interesting!)

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Nicole Tattersall

March 27, 2013 Reply

Glad to hear it's just not just me who hasn't knitted in a very long time. I'm also giving knitting a crack this Winter too.


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