I made a tee-pee

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I have been working on this tee pee for Henry for a while. He kept crawling under tables and plays with me under blankets, so I thought he would enjoy a proper little cubby of his own to play in, and as he gets older it can be his little reading and playing corner. Last night after he went to bed, I finished it off and set it all up, so first thing in the morning I surprised him with it. He kept playing peak-a-boo with the front flap.

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May 29, 2014 Reply

Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous. Well done! Henry looks to be enjoying it! I wish I had an adult size teepee sometimes! Tutorial purleeeease! :D


May 29, 2014 Reply

This is so beautiful, and your boy is the cutest :) I love that it's so colourful!

I'd love to make a teepee for my son too - did you use a tutorial that you can perhaps link to?

    tabitha emma

    May 30, 2014 Reply

    Thank you :) I t was fun to make, but took me a while, due to limited free time! I based it on this tutorial- http://mypoppet.com.au/2012/03/how-to-diy-tee-pee-tent-part-1.html I just didn't add tie strings (as Henry is a bit young and don't want him strangling himself) and I made it up of various fabric rather than a sheet. I am thinking of making some pom poms to decorate the top too.

Wendy Paula

May 30, 2014 Reply

Gorgeous work Taberella:) I am sure Henry will love playing in his very special teepee!
Love Grandma xoxo


June 6, 2014 Reply

Oh my goodness this is so sweet. I love the way you have put together the fabrics it makes me want to run off right not and buy yellow fabrics. Babies and toddlers love to play in tents. I hope I can make one as pretty as this.

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