the epic year that was 2012

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A monthly overview in pictures:



In January, there were plenty of visits to the beach, an engagement party, and we had a lovely summery family lunch out the back of the house.



In February, it was Dan and I’s 2nd anniversary as a couple, and we went to see ‘Love Never Dies’ which was amazing. We also went to a Valentines formal. I finally got my L’s and began learning to drive. Wedding planning was coming along well, we went and booked the boys suits and bought our wedding rings. On a sad note, it was the last month with our dear cat Portia. It was a hard month, seeing her so sick, and sad.



In March, I attended the first class at ‘The School‘ which I had done some design work for. For my mum’s birthday, we had a fun tea party/lunch. And we went to Campbelltown for a lovely dinner with friends.



April was a big month with the lead up to our wedding, including my bridal shower, make up trial, and tea party photos with mum for a mothers day post. I also did a lot of packing, preparing to move to Bathurst.


May was a VERY big month! And hard to condense into a few images! All the final preparations were made for our wedding, including making the cake, finishing moving my stuff up to Bathurst, and the final set up. Then of course our wedding day!! Which was amazing, and then our honeymoon in Tasmania and finally moving in and setting up the house in Bathurst.



In June, I began to explore and get to know Bathurst better, I even made friends with a neighbors cat, and found the local farmers market. I also turned 26!!



In July, we finally got our couch!! I also bought my little Morris Minor 🙂 So our home was becoming more homely.



During August, our wedding got featured on the etsy wedding blog. We made a trip to Orange, and even saw a little snow on the way, while in Orange, I watched Dan play a rugby game. I also joined a photography group on facebook, with people from my area, so I got into my photography more and met some locals. I also went to my friends Bridal Shower.



In September, Bathurst spring time came to life with beautiful flowers everywhere. We went to a family wedding in Wollongong, and later in the month my friend’s (who was my bridesmaid) wedding, also in Wollongong.



October  was a very big month of travel. On a local level, there was the Bathurst 1000, which really brought the town to life. I also went to the farmers market again and took a few photos this time. And there was the scarecrow festival in Kurrajong (where we go to Church). We did plenty of traveling, including visiting friends in Woy Woy, which is also where we took our crazy hair photo. Then we did a huge trip to Bellingen, for a beautiful wedding, it was a 10 hour drive there and then 12 hours back. We got to see a lot of amazing country side, beautiful beaches and even snow!



In November, we went to one more wedding, this time in the Southern Highlands. I also finally became an iPhone owner (yes I know I’m a bit behind). I had a lovely tea party with a friend and her girls, and we got the Morris out of the garage for a few drives around town.



And now December! What a year it has been! Well December I put up the tree and decorated the house, checked out the carols, made a fun cushion, colourful icy poles, christmas treats. We went only a little trip to Merriwa and of course christmas day itself! We drove down to Sydney for the day, which was a very wet Christmas. On boxing day we braved the sales for a bit before heading home.

Here’s to 2013! Hopefully a good, but not so jam packed year.

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January 4, 2013 Reply

Hello Tabitha !
What a fantastic year for you, hope you will be happy forever with Dan
Let's hope that 2013 will be a better year for all of us
I love you crazy hair photo, btw :)

Happy new year!


January 5, 2013 Reply

I love this -- can't imagine how long it took you but think how cool it will be to look back on it! What a great year. Happy 2013!

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