the move

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Last week, was one big and crazy week!! On Monday we had our final inspection, and settlement happened. Once we got the keys we moved a few loads of things to the house, in the car. Then Tuesday was the big move!! We hired a truck and got all our furniture and last items over to the house. Dan then went back to work, and I spent the rest of the week unpacking. Over the weekend we cleaned out our old house, and last night locked the keys behind us, saying farewell for the last time. We are still waiting to be connected to the internet (annoying Telstra!!), they originally said it would take 3 days, now it is going to take 10 days!! 10 days with no interent is pretty tough. Trying hard to make do with the net on my mobile.


On Saturday, I hit the 23 week mark. Baby did plenty of kicking during the move, including kicking me in the bladder, which is not much fun mid driving between houses. He now has his own room in our new house, so we can start setting up a nursery, which will be a lot of fun.


It was also exciting to get my first parcel at the new house, from Papinelle, some pretty bed socks, soy candle, soap and little boxers for my bubba, so gorgeous!!



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