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We didn’t have a videographer at our wedding, as it was just out of our budget. But without us knowing, one of our friends recorded much of the wedding. Of course they didn’t own a fancy camera, so the quality wasn’t brilliant, but it is nice to be able to watch it, as the day flew by so fast. And watching the video, lets you see things you may have missed. There was 2 hours worth of video, and I made many attempts to edit it for a quick overview video, but due to the size, by computer really struggled. But finally now, I managed to cut 2 hours down to just a little over 10 min, and mixed up up with various music from the day. So its a bit of a mash up video to give you a feel and overview. Since the video was low quality, I went with it and added extra vintage touches, so it has a vintage feel to it, which makes up for the low quality. In some ways that makes it more fun, less polished.
So I hope you enjoy it!

Today is actually a significant day. Exactly 3 years ago today, Dan and I went on our first date. (although didn’t become a couple till Feb). It seems so long ago now. I got out my old phone and found the text he send me that night after our date, 3 years ago!
“Hey tabi. Hope u got hme ok. Thanx 4 the nyt out. I njoyed chatting 2 u over a few 3 sheets! Your a very lovely person (being serious u r) Hav a gud nights rest. Dan”
*3 sheets is a beer

So funny to think 3 years after he sent that message, here we are married for nearly 8 months!!

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January 11, 2013 Reply

Adorable! 3 Sheets is my favourite beer. :)

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