Need a fresh set of eyes on your brand and valuable expert advice?

If you feel like your branding isn't working but you can't quite put a finger on what is going wrong or the direction you need to take, a personalised brand audit will set you in the right direction.

Sounds perfect!

Struggling to pin point what is going wrong with your brand?

You keep making tweaks and find yourself comparing your brand to others. Something feels off, but you can't quite pin point what it is and you can't seem to quite settle on a look.

Imagine, that instead of constantly starring at your brand, feeling lost and unsure of what needs fixing or how you can improve it, getting an experienced designers eye on your brand.

With over a decade of experience working with creative online small businesses, I am able to spot the areas of your brand that need improvement and give you the advice to move forward so you can have a brand you feel confident in.

Your audit, will include a document with my advice and suggestions for improving your brand and areas that need work as well as a video where I can walk you through my advice and show you how you can go forward to create an effective brand identity.


How it works

1/ Complete a Survey

You will be sent a questionnaire, so I can get a better idea of what your brand struggles are and what you want to achieve.

2/ I will give you a timeframe

Once I get you questionnaire back, I will give you an indication of when you will get your audit back.

3/ I will Create an Audit Document

You will receive a document with my recommendations and advice.

4/ You will get a Walk-Through Video

You will also receive a video that walks you through my advice, and a chance to ask follow up questions via email.

Hi there, I'm Tabitha Emma

After a decade of designing brands and websites for creatives like you, I now equip creatives with the tools, guidance and processes to create and take control of their own graphics and visual brand identity.

As a passionate creative, it brings me great joy to see fellow creative's thrive and flourish, and be seen as the professional talents they are.

I can help you confidently create a compelling brand so that your can share your message, offers and attract the right people.

Brand Audit Feedback

"Thank you so much for this feedback! I am struggling with getting the website finished but your advice on the branding side of things has helped and also confirmed some things." -Margaret Rolla

"This is fantastic!! I will definitely take your advice going forward. Thank you so much!" - Keyshala

"Thank you so much for this. I actually just updated my branding because I also felt something was off, and have yet to implement them on the website and this comes at the perfect time and is so helpful"- Alina

"Tabitha.....this is amazing! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to share your wisdom with me. I have already made a couple of tweaks and am planning to implement more. You've given me the nudge I needed to start organizing this. I watched your video quickly while making supper last night and am looking forward to sitting down with a coffee and digesting it more carefully over the next few days.
Thank you again so very much! It is truly appreciated!"
- Roberta Hoiness

"I just watched the audit and I am SO AMAZED at how thorough it was and helpful. I have no doubt that I made the right decision in learning from you.I will take into account all your suggestions for improvement."- Denisse S


WHAT IS INCLUDED IN MY PURCHASE? A brand audit document that covers you brand foundations, brand identity, online presence and brand consistency audit and advise. You will also get a video where I walk through my advise to help further explain what is in the document. You also have the opportunity to ask any follow up questions.

WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS AFTER THE AUDIT? You can either take on the advice and make changes to your brand yourself, or you will get a credit (the cost of the audit) towards either a course or service to help you implement what you learn from the audit.

DO I NEED TO BE AVAILABLE? As I am on Australian timezone, and also balancing life with kids, everything will be done through email, and you will be given the opportunity to ask questions without time restrictions or trying to align a time for a call.

Is this for me?

If you have been in business for least a year and have a good idea of your business direction, but struggling to translate that into your branding, then...
Yes! If you are only new to business or lost as to what direction to take your business, you may need to first take the time to get clarity around the business you want to build before trying to communicate it clearly through branding.

Not sure? Shoot me a message so I can see if you'd be a good fit.

You can keep struggling with your brand and endlessly changing things.


You can get expert advice to finally nail a compelling brand identity and feel confident about your brand.