Add some personality to your brand with custom brand illustrations.

Illustration add a little element of delight, personality and uniqueness to your brand. Illustrations are playful and can really set your brand apart.

From portrait illustrations to illustrated brand icons, these can become memorable and recognisable elements of your brand

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You want your brand to have personality and feel a little playful and friendly.

There are so many funs ways illustration can be used in your brand. You can use them on your website, sales pages, in workbooks, on social media, in videos... everywhere. They add a lot of personality and life to your message.


Examples of Work


1/ Portraits

Let your audience connect with you and your personality in a fun way with a branded portrait.

FROM $200

2/ Brand icons

Illustrations of objects that align with your brand. These can be used on your website, sales pages and social media.

FROM $25/each

3/ Marketing Illustrations

Larger illustrations created for a particular purpose. Such as illustrations for a new product or a promotion.

FROM $100

4/ Banner

Unique illustrated blog, web and shop banners, when you want to add more personality than just a logo.

FROM $200

I'd love to get some brand illustrations.
How do I get started?

Excited to add illustrations to your brand and add a little extra playful personality?

I'd love to hear from you, and create something special for your brand.

Send me a message and let me know what kind of illustration you would like, so I can put together an illustration package for you.

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