Create an Aesthetic Brand that Inspires and Connects

Pouring your energy into your creative work, comes easy. But how do you get it seen by the world and grow an audience and customers who adore your work?

Strategic, thoughtful visual branding, communicates your brand’s story and message, attracts your ideal audience and makes your brand memorable.

I’m Tabitha Emma, with over a decades experience designing brands for creative small businesses. I want to see creatives thrive and flourish, by guiding you to create beautiful and compelling brand visuals.

I am a compulsive creator and maker like you, having dipped my toes in so many creative business ventures, such as design, illustration, animation, handmade products, skincare, clothing, photography and more.

Hello there,
I’m Tabitha Emma

I’ve always loved getting creative. Spending every spare moment making and experimenting with anything I could get my hands into.

In 2007, between chasing job interviews and considering changing careers ( I was in the fashion industry then), I stumbled upon Etsy, an online marketplace. Without a second thought, I was eagerly listing my own handmade goods and diving headfirst into the creative online community.

I started a blog, began making sales. I  found myself really enjoying designing my blog, creating my own logo and graphics realised my true calling was in graphic design.

While studying graphic design, I continued hustling on the side, and shifted toward freelance design and illustration work.

Over the years I have dabbled in a variety of creative pursuits from selling handmade bags to natural skincare, illustration commissions, designing websites, animating videos, logo designs and selling digital products.

I have experienced first hand the ups and downs of running a creative small business.

You put so much work into what you create, and you want it to be seen and create a brand that you are proud of. One that attracts your perfect customers. And ultimately something you will want to stick with so you can finally stop fussing over it.

My mission is to help you create a compelling strategic brand that feels like the perfect fit.

As seen in...


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Tabitha's designs always stand out for all the right reasons. I'm so grateful for all the hard work she has put into my blog designs and couldn't be happier with my current one. Her talent and eye for branding and design are next to none. Thank you, Tabitha!!

Stephanie Withers

The logo you designed for me really captures who I am and what my business is all about. It's authentic and true to what I stand for. It gives my business a professional, creative and personal flair. I feel like my clients would get a very clear idea of what I'm all about. It was evident that you had excellent customer service skills and that you genuinely care about your clients. I constantly get compliments about my logo and people asking me who designed it.

Kerry Athanasiadis


Close to my Heart Values.

Supporting Small
Business and Makers

I am big supporter of small business and makers. Thanks to my
roots as an Etsy seller and having long ties with the handmade
and small business community.

I believe small business owners, makers, artisans and creatives are so important to society. Not only do they keep old skills alive, and bring us beautiful, unique and personal products and services but it has such a personal touch and supports individuals pursing their dreams.

It is about slow consumerism, community, connection with the creator and supporting real families, communities and dreams. Owning items and using services with more personality, uniqueness and value. Where you can connect with the maker or creator and it becomes more than a transaction.

I believe it is important to create meaningful designs, where each element plays a part in telling the story and evoking an emotion.

Where little details are well considered, and add touches of delight, and nothing is over done or without purpose.

If you care about the little details, adding the personal touch and creating something unique and filled with personality and character I can help you bring your vision to life.

Small Details and

Combining Strategy
with Aesthetic

I want to help you make your brand and creative talents shine,
so that you can better communicate visually with your audience.

I teach the art of creating unique designs and brand visuals that not only look gorgeous but also visually communicate your story, and evoke emotions in your audience. Using brand and design strategy to attract and connect with the right audience and showcase to the world what you have to off in a visually appealing way.

I believe design is the balance between aesthetic beauty and the function of good communication and strategy.

I have always loved making deeper connections with the people I work with, getting to know their lives and treating them as friends.

I see it as an act of love to create products and services with care and attention to detail. When you buy from a small business you are wanting to support the maker or creator behind it. You want to make a personal connection with them and feel something far greater than just getting a product.

To me creating with care is important. Considering the needs of my students and clients, crafting resources and identities that make an impact in their life and are a beautiful experience. Helping and inspiring them to craft designs that will show their audience that they really care and nothing is just thrown together without thought for who it is for.

Creating with Connection and Care

We are all Creative and Design can be Taught

Creativity and design skills are not special talents that are only bestowed upon a select few. I believe we are all born creative and express our creativity in different ways and can tap into this unique human ability.

I believe design can be taught, and while it may come more naturally to some, with the right guidance, teaching and practice anyone can master it.

I want to empower you with the belief that you are creative and you can learn to design and create amazing graphics for your business.

Tabitha is extremely talented and very professional to work with. I appreciated how organized she was and responsive to my (many) questions! She is a true professional and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I started out in the branding process without much experience at all and not a super clear idea of what I was looking for, but she helped lead me through and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Having something unique to represent my brand that holds meaning to me is so special. I also appreciated how helpful and responsive you were throughout the process.

I loved working with you! I felt that the branding process was amazing and a way for me to get clear on what I was offering and really who I was and how I wanted to be represented. Your unique ability to bring together my vision board into illustrations, fonts, colors, etc. that represented who I was better than I could have ever created it (or tried to explain it) meant the world to me. I am so proud of my brand and website and can't wait to share it with the world.

Thank you, you have exceeded all of my expectations!

Amy Sapola


Uncover 'Your Why' Workbook

Knowing your purpose and why you are doing what you do pushes your creative drive and your passion for your work.
When you lose sight of purpose, this is when you start to question what your doing and find it hard to create, when nothing seems quite right, or you feel overwhelmed by possibility.
Your why also gives purpose and story to your visual branding. By letting your why influence your brand style, you will create a brand full of emotion and gut feeling that connects with your audience and creates loyalty and trust.


The Graphics Checklist

Work out exactly what graphics you need to work on and delegate how best to create them and order their priority.


Branding & Design Courses and Education


Brand Design School



Design Better Graphics



Growth Graphics



Design Better Graphics



Testimonials & Kind Words


I feel so much more inspired! The blog has gotten a fresh, new start, and so have I. Now I feel much more motivated to blog, and I have started doing it again almost on a daily basis, which I haven't done for the last years. Now I really want to focus on my blogging and make a business of it!

The design you have made is very beautiful and clean, and with the colors and everything, is just feels very much 'me'. And everybody loves it, I keep hearing how pretty my new blog is.

You understand what my is my style and can transform it into a design. I feel that it was really well invested money.

Helena Elm

Thank you, thank you for everything you've done to help me and my digi-presence. You're awesome at what you do.

Sarah Kelsey

Thank you so much for helping me with my redesign. I am so happy with the way it turned out, and I have received so many compliments on it! Thank you so much for being so quick with everything I needed help with, thank you for being so patient with me because there is so much I don't understand & I needed help with, and thank you for all the hard work you put into it! I truly appreciate it!
Lillian Chang

Tabitha is attentive, easy to work with and great at suggesting ideas when you're not sure exactly what you want. She did the first custom design for my blog years ago and I've stuck with her ever since!

Linda Lomelimo

Tabitha was very professional to work with and proficient in what she does. She always delivers on time and with the most creative designs.My logo is exactly what I wanted and how I want my brand to be represented. I love it. I would highly recommend Tabitha's services. She is always quick and easy to work with and seemed to know exactly what I was wanting.

Victoria Malouf

Thank you so much for making my site come alive- I absolutely love what you've created for me and can't wait to see it live. I really wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your patience, flexibility and creativeness.

Leanne Brischetto

I absolutely LOVE the new design. It's EXACTLY what I was envisioning. You took the concepts in the mood board I gave you and created something great.

Kourtney James Perry

Working with Tabitha is incredibly easy as she has a great sense of understanding what the client needs and it's enough a little bit of information about the direction you want to take with your blog's design and business and she reacts so quickly with creative ideas and suggestions! That makes life much easier for someone who is not an expert in technical/design side of this business!

As soon as I had my blog and logo designed by Tabitha I feel like clients and my readers started taking me more seriously and I started to feel more like a professional. I can't say how many time I got positive comments about my blog's look, people seem to think it's simple, elegant and easy to use and that's exactly what I wanted to achieve working with Tabitha.

Tabitha is very professional in what she does but also creative and easy to work with! I cannot stress enough how much easier is to work with someone who understands how every detail of the design is important for you, responds to your emails quickly and reacts fast to any unexpected technical problems.

As someone working in creative industry I have a lot of respect and appreciation for work that Tabitha does and I'm impressed with her passion and dedication to make her clients happy!

Lili Basic