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You are brilliant at what you do, but your brand isn't communicating that.

Hi there, I am Tabitha Emma, I help creatives like you to stand out and feel confident in their brand with captivating design. One that allows your work to shine and inspires your audience.

Gain clarity using brand strategy to know exactly the right style for your message, personality and business.

Have the confidence that your brand is telling your story, communicating your message and attracting and, inspiring the right people.

Find consistency, so that your brand will be recognisable and memorable. Create graphics that attract, connect and convert.

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"I freaking love my brand. I spent hour upon hours working on my brand in the past and Tabitha just blew the doors wide open for me! If you struggle with branding I highly recommend checking out her site!"

- Brigette Anne Henry

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" Your course has been of great help to me, I also love reading your blog posts.
Currently, I work from home and I am really far away from my previous mentors. Having access to your blogs just gives me that feeling that I have someone to go to for advice on branding. Thanks again, really appreciate your help!"

- Jazel Rosales-Lolo

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Encouraging, inspiring, insightful and educational content, to help you get your business seen through the art of visual communication and brand design, to create a compelling brand style, keep the creative juices flowing, work better and more effectively and get expert design tips.

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"I watched your Youtube videos and it has helped me a lot to build a powerful visual brand"- MK

" I stumbled upon you on Pinterest about a month ago and seriously have been hooked since.
You inspired me to rewrite my ideal client avatar- something I haven't done in almost three years. And I really got into the crux of who my ideal client is. It made me realize that I'm not writing or designing for her.
From there, I was able to see how my brand value and mission is so out of sync with how I'm showing up.
Thank you so much for lighting the fire under my you know what and inspiring me to slay my business goals."

- Eva Wexler

"I truly love the way you work and how you bring together graphic design principles with branding.
Simply love it."

-Catia Lemmi

Thanks for your amazing post! It is forcing me to really think through critical aspects of my branding and ask give me a clearer direction on my visual branding…plus, I just love your clear, informative writing style!

-Cheri Costagliola

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"I found your website through Pinterest, and I was just amazed.I’ve been looking for a few days for some guidance on Branding since I’m updating my Portfolio and services, and really wanted to make it right this time, but just couldn’t find a good source. Already felt so confused and overwhelmed by the mess in my head, and what would be the right message, and colors etc. And then, I started reading what you wrote on your site it all clicked and suddenly things fell into place.So I wanted to thank you, and also let you know how much of a helper you are!"

- Efrat Sharon