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There are a variety of growth strategies you can use in your business to increase sales, grow your following, build your community and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

There is a variety of media that can be used to fuel growth such a video (Instagram reels, Tiktok, Youtube, stories, livestream), audio (podcasts), writing (blog posts, captions, emails) and graphics (social feed graphics, marketing graphics, Pinterest graphics).

While there is a lot of hype around video at the moment, I think it is important to remember all these other forms of media that can fuel growth and that a healthy growth strategy should be using more than one.

So in this post I want to talk to you about growth graphics are how they can help you grow your business and the different types you can create.

Growth graphics are graphics that aid in the growth of your business.

They either help you sell, grow your audience, establish you as an authority in your field or build community.


Visual marketing is the use of graphics and images to engage and draw consumers in. It’s a mix a visual appeal, creative thinking and psychology. Visual marketing campaigns are more likely to get shared and get clicks than plain text advertising. It creates a memorable image of your brand in the consumers mind. It plays both a short term and long term role in attracting customers.

Sales graphics are graphics that either have the goal of directly selling something to the viewer or heading them down a sales funnel (for example encouraging them to opt in to an email list or attend a webinar). So depending on what you are selling, the price point and the mindset of your audience and where they are at in their customer journey, you can create targeted graphics to encourage them to the next step.

Some examples of sales graphics you can create:

  • Launch countdowns - to create buzz an excitement for a new launch
  • Testimonials and results- To show results and for social proof, making it feel real and tangible
  • Opt-in freebie promotion- To show what they will get when they sign up to provide an incentive.
  • Details about a product- You can create graphics with some key details or make carousel graphics breaking down more information about a product.
  • Sales Offer- Create hype around a sale, it could be a % off, BOGO, free shipping or anything you can dream up that will get people excited to buy.
  • Giveaways- Promote a giveaway, show off what they can win and detail the conditions of entry.
  • Webinar /workshop/ livestream promotion- Get people excited to sign up for and attend your presentation so you can then sell on video.
  • Discuss FAQ about a product- Answer questions in a way that makes it easy to understand and provides clarity.

Sales graphics are all about grabbing attention, getting people excited and presenting an opportunity in a way that is appealing and draws the right people in. Graphics make it easy for people to quickly see if it is something for them, they don't have to wait to see what you have to say or invest much time or thought, they can quickly glance at your graphic and it will either catch their attention if it is right for them or they will simply move on.


These graphics are about sharing, connecting and interacting. When you share your thoughts, the things that matter to you and your experiences people will feel a deeper connection with you and your brand and it builds a loyal following and helps you attract like minded people. This creates community as you begin to bring together similar like-minded people.

Connection graphics are where you can have some fun, be more playful and relate to your audience. It's a chance to make them feel seen and heard.

You can make:

  • Games and quizzes
  • Ask questions
  • Graphics that share your opinions, values and ethics.
  • Relatable statements

Think about who your audience is and how you can better connect with them and create community.


Content graphics are graphics that lead to your content, a graphic that goes with content or a graphic that is a piece of content itself. These graphics can lead to prelaunch content, content that is part of a funnel or general content that showcases your expertise and knowledge, entertains or inspires.

A content graphic can be a graphic that leads to your main content, such as:

  • A Pinterest pin graphic
  • A Blog post promo graphic
  • A podcast promo graphic
  • A video promo graphic or cover image.

Or your can create a graphic/s that is content. Such as:

  • A carousel post
  • Educational graphics
  • Infographics

Content graphics are a way of making information easier to digest and gives your audience more clarity.


The viral graphics primary goal is to get people to share it, which helps you grow your audience. Viral graphics are powerful because they help you reach new audiences and don’t require you to get on video or a podcast to get your name out there. They are a less daunting way to grow your audience.

Creating viral graphics is all about getting inside your audience head and thinking about what they would share. Perhaps it says something about them, is funny or really relatable. People often will share things that make them look good or help them communicate something they want to say.

You can use infographics, illustrations, quotes or things that are really familiar (e.g notification pop up or notes app screen shot)

Growth graphics don't need to be boring and serious, they should be fun and relevant. They should be designed to attract the right people and show off your brand personality. So get creative and have fun creating designs that will grow your brand.

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