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Want a special super power to help you make fast moves in your business?

No one likes to be stuck waiting weeks or months for help in order to move a project forward. What a super power skill it is if you can get ideas out into the world as soon as you have them.

That’s why knowing how to design professional graphics is a superpower that business owners need. Unless you are big enough to have a full-time graphic designer on your team, it’s is super handy to know how to design graphics yourself.

You may still want to outsource from time to time for bigger jobs, but what about those small little graphics that you just need to quickly get out? Wouldn’t make such a difference if you could confidently tackle them yourself?

Imagine being able to:

Share content as soon as it is written.

As soon as you finish that blog post you sat up all night writing or created a quick video in response to an event happening right now. There are moments you want to get your content out there fast and share it.

Especially if you create something time-sensitive in response to current events. You want to be able to get a graphic made as quickly as possible to share that content.

Test ideas out quickly.

You have an idea for a new product or offer, but before you go all in, creating it and spending time and money to make it happen, you want to be able to test the idea.

It could be a few graphics that explain the idea to see if anyone is interested or a graphics to promote a prelaunch to see if anyone would buy it or an optin to see if people sign up with interest in the topic.

You want to be able to test that idea fast and see if it is worth spending time on. If you can get those graphics done yourself, you can quickly know if your idea is going to fly or flop.

Move Fast and Respond to change.

Things can happen fast. We have seen how quickly world events can unfold and the need to respond quickly. Either by talking about it, taking your brands position on the topic or pivoting your business.

Business owner need to be nimble to survive and thrive. So the power of quickly and confidently creating your own graphics is so valuable. You can make graphics that show your brands response and to also help your audience through changes times and to share any changes your business is making.

Being able to design your own graphics means you can move quickly to get your message out or promote new offers. It means you have complete control, rather then waiting on someone else’s timeline and the many back and forth emails to get it just right. This all allows you to be agile in your business.

Communicate quickly and have Complete Creative Control.

This is the power of being able to design for yourself with confidence.

It breaks my heart when I see talented creatives with amazing ideas, not getting seen or appreciated for the talent they have simply because of poor design.

“Creativity is the spoonful of sugar that makes the business or marketing palatable to the public” -Douglas Davis

Good design makes you attractive and desired. You pour so much heart and soul into what you do, you dont want that final piece that presents your work to the public let you down.

This is why I want to give you the tools and resources to get those skills and gain a superpower. So I created a short course with all the tools to quickly up level your design skills.

Create gorgeous professional graphics for your business with ease and confidence.

No more spending hours agonising over a graphic. Start designing confidently.

Before learning graphic design, I would pour over magazines and copy layouts.

Design felt like a mystery. ‍

How did they come up with these layouts? How do they make it look so good?

It looks simple and easy but I can’t pull off work like that.

While I experimented a lot, I wanted to know the secrets to design.

Once you understand the principles, rules and process of design, it all falls into place easily.

You can create designs that look good quickly, and can more easily spot why something feels off about a design.

You can design with intention and have greater confidence in what you are doing.

Being able to design for yourself, doesn’t require a fancy design degree or expensive software or even someone telling you you are good enough or creative enough.

You simply need to know what you want to communicate, and the rules of design to help you put it together in a simple cohesive way.

Check out my mini course Design Better Graphics

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