Creativity flourishes in calm when our minds are free from distraction and pressure. Like when you are having a shower, going out for a walk, on holiday, doing the washing up, driving or drifting off to sleep. Have you noticed that it is in these peaceful moments when you are doing something almost on autopilot, that you have your best creative ideas and thoughts? Our brains need space to process and put thoughts and concepts and experiences together and work through problems, without other distractions or the pressure to perform.So if you want to foster and inspire your creativity, you need to give your mind that space and make it a regular part of your routine and life. Otherwise, ideas will end up feeling forced, or not quite right or not to their full potential.You may not always have time for holidays and quiet strolls. But you can create a purposeful space in your home to relax, get inspired and let your mind wander. A place without distraction or pressure. You don't need to make it a place where ideas have to happen, but rather just a place to take a little moment out of your day, even 5- 10 minutes, so that your mind has a little quiet time to process thoughts. Ideas may not flow right away, but it gives you time to start the process and begin working through things or simple fill you up with inspiration or motivation and remove the daily distractions and the things that stress you out.

Where to Create a Calming Space to Inspire Creativity

Your calming creative space can be as simple as a beanbag in the corner of your office or bedroom. It could be a cosy spot on the couch in your living room, a deck chair in your backyard or a special armchair with a basket beside it full of books and a cosy blanket. Depending on the space you have and what works for you, find a space you can turn into a little sanctuary. It doesn't have to be a full room completely dedicated to relaxing, but if you have that available, then go for it.In this video below I share how to transform your bedroom to make it a place to escape to and unwind and let your mind wander. The reason I like making your bedroom a space to relax and get the creative juices flowing is because it is a place you can easily remove all distractions and pressures. Have a space in your office, where computers and phones are buzzing, will easily distract. And a tv or busy family area will also deter you from being able to simply zone out and think. But do what works best for you.

Ideas of Things to Include in a Calming Creative Space

Styling your space can set the mood and help get you in a calm state of mind. It can make you feel inspired and fuel your imagination. So below are some ideas of things you can include in the space you choose, to help create that vibe and mood and make it a special place you want to retreat to.

Beautiful Bedding, Cozy Blankets and Cushions

You want to get cosy and comfortable. This is key to a space where you can unwind and let your mind wander. So if it is your bed, have a beautiful quilt cover. The one featured here was given to me from the lovely team at Just Bedding.I love this quilt cover as it has a beautiful pattern that reminds me of a beautiful cosy weave. It also has lovely detailing with little tuffs, which just adds to the cosy feeling and makes it extra special. I am a big fan of little details and beautiful textiles. I also love the blue as it is a calming colour. You want to choose bedding that calms you, so nothing too bright or loud colours. You really want that cosy comfy feeling, and something special and beautiful that makes it feel like a bit of pampering and self-love. This will help you feel inspired and motivated.Even if you choose a space that is just a couch or armchair or even a bean bag, a beautiful quilt, is great to have nearby to grab and cosy into.So have a browse at some of the gorgeous range at Just Bedding.Be sure to also throw on a nice range of throw cushions and blankets, to just sink into and get cosy an comfortable in style.

Lighting for Creating a Vibe

Lighting can really set the tone and create an overall feeling to a space. If possible, setting up a space near good natural light (i.e near a window), is really good for you. Exposure to natural light has been identified as one of the major sources of psychological comfort and has a direct impact on productivity. So having that natural light will not only put you at ease but also help get your mind going and spark your imagination.For a darker space, or for the evenings, string lights, soft lamps and candles, set a beautiful tone. You want that soft relaxing light, that helps your body wind down for the evening and allows you to think over your day and think through problems and ideas you are trying to work through.

Books to Read and Inspire

I love books. I have been an avid reader since I first learnt to read. I slowed down a bit in my mid-twenties as I got my business going and started a family, but have been getting back into it, and probably buy more books then I can keep up with reading. Reading takes you into someone else world, ideas and imagination. Books are an opportunity to learn, be inspired or delve into a make-believe world. So if you are feeling stuck and ideas just aren't flowing, immersing yourself in books can help re-inspire you, and in a calming way that gets the brain moving. And I mean real books, where you can hold it, turn the page and feel the paper. You just can't beat it.

Journals and Notebooks to get out Ideas.

You don't want to be rushing around scrambling for paper and a pen when a great idea strikes. So keep on hand some journals or notebooks, and a pen. You can either have these at the ready for when an idea comes and you want to get it down on paper. Or you can use it as an opportunity to brain dump to help get the ideas flowing and free up space in your mind. When you have a lot of thoughts and ideas swimming around in your head, it can all get a bit cluttered and hard to think clearly. So brain dumping and just getting down everything in your head onto paper can really help. It can also help you better look at your thoughts, to spark ideas or getting you thinking through something more carIt is also a great tool to go back to, looking back at old thoughts and ideas can often spark new ideas, as you look at it with a fresh perspective and more experience.

An Eye Pillow to Relax

If you really want to calm yourself down and block out all distractions and slow down, an eye pillow can be really relaxing. Get one with lavender, warm it p and put it over your eyes and just let yourself relax. Keeping an eye pillow in your calming space is great to have on hand, for those days you are too exhausted to take anything in or write things down and just simply want to give your mind space.

A Beautiful Mug for Cups of Tea

There is nothing more relaxing them a warm cup of tea in hand. Make it extra special, and have a nice mug, it could be handmade or just a special favourite. Make it a slow process, take your time and make it a mindful moment. Simple be in the moment, make a cup of tea, sip it slowly and allow it to calm you.

Essential Oils and Beautiful Scents

Having a diffuser or a scented candle can fill the room with lovely scents that calm the senses. Lavender or chamomile are particularly calming scents. Or if you want to feel fresh and inspired a scent like peppermint would work well.

Bring the Outdoors In

It could be potted house plants or a vase of flowers. Bring a little of the outdoors in, and add some greenery to your space. Plants bring fresh air into your home and can also remove toxins, making your space a place for easy breathing and relaxation. There is always something very calming, inspiring and grounding about having nature around you.

Music or White Noise

Set the tone with soothing sounds. It could be chill music, classical tunes or white noise or focus melodies like The right music can help you concentrate and get into a better state of mind to process thoughts and ideas.

Artwork and Inspiring Styling

Make your space your own. Fill it with artwork, trinkets, and objects that inspire you. Make it a space you want to retreat to and enjoy. Surround yourself with beautiful and special things. Make your time in that space a special treat and a moment to unwind and fill yourself up with ideas and inspiration and give your creative mind the freedom to explore and imagine.

Disclaimer: Quilt Cover gifted by Just Bedding.

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