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For a long while I have wanted to have a go at creating my own Instagram stickers, but I put it off as I needed to research how to go about it.

Well I finally gave it a go, and it is easier then I thought. All you need is Procreate (you can use Photoshop instead if you prefer).

I made a tutorial for you so you can see how easy it is and give it a go to, along with tips to be sure you get it approved to use on Instagram.

Stickers are such a fun playful way to add a branded element to your stories.

Coming Up with Sticker Ideas.

Think about iconic things you love and talk about a lot, or do a lot, or use a lot.

What makes you you?

Do you always post your morning coffee or spend a few hours working in a cafe? Make your own cute coffee sticker.

Are you always grabbing a donut treat? Make a cute donut gif.

Do you wear bright pink sunglasses all the time? Make a bright pink sunglasses gif.

Do you have sayings or brand 'isms' that you are always saying and using? Turn them into a typographic sticker.

This is where you really add a bit of your own personality into you brand. Create something that people remember you for and becomes an iconic memorable thing about you.

That way, whenever they see that thing, they instantly think of you, and it starts keeping you top of mind.

Plus it builds a tribe and community, as they can also use your stickers on their stories, making them feel like they are connected with you and part of your community.

So get creative and add a special touch to your branding on Instagram.

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