Like many creatives, you probably like a lot of things and you may do a lot of things. You're a multi-passionate creative.

It's wonderful, but it can make branding feel almost impossible.

You're a passionate creative with a lot of different interests and there's a lot to you and a lot going on, but how do you encompass all that into one single brand identity? You don't want your brand identity to end up looking like a patchwork mess, confusing and unclear because you're trying to say so much in one thing.

How do you actually create a clear and beautiful brand identity that can encompass everything?

If you're one of those people that feel like you like so many things, you're a really passionate creative, and you feel like it's really hard to try and encompass that and put it all into one brand identity, then this is for you.

When there are so many different facets to what you do and who you are, you may wonder how you are supposed to put that all into one brain identity. Now, the problem that's happening here is that you're trying to communicate absolutely everything about your brand, about your creative style, about all the things that you do and put it all into one brand identity.

You are Focussing on the Wrong part of your Brand Identity.

You're probably focusing on the wrong thing because you're trying to express every style you love and share everything about what you do. If you're a very passionate creative with a lot of different interests and you've got a lot of things going on, you should focus on what parts of your brand overlap, what things are consistent across the board, with everything you do and everything you have to offer and everything about you. Then use that to create your brand identity, rather than trying to say all these different things.

Think about what things are actually consistent across the board. Things like your brand story, you values, your audience and how you want to make people feel. You have probably been focusing too much on expressing your creative style (which you feel is quite varied and there's a lot going on) rather than communicating what it is that is consistent about your brand.

The Parts of Your Brand You Should Focus on if your Multi-Passionate

As I said, you need to focus on the things which are consistent in all you do and all you are, such as:

  • Your values
  • Your story and your brand story
  • The customer/client journey
  • Your mission and purpose
  • How you want people to feel
  • The struggles of your customer and how you are the solution
  • Your identity and personality
  • Your ethics and standards
  • Your brand positioning
  • Your why
  • Brad differentiation

No matter what you do in your brand, or how many styles you love, these things remain consistent.

So you can be expressing those sorts of things in your branding rather than your creative style (which may vary up) or trying to communicate things about what you offer, if you offer a lot of different things. So think about what you can communicate that goes across the board.

Get Clear on Your Brand Foundations

This is why it's really important to get clear on the foundations of your brand, rather than just simply focusing on creating a brand identity that focuses on your creative style.

Think about the deeper message that you want to be sending. Who is the audience you are targeting? And what is your bigger mission and purpose for the brand? You may want to help people with a particular area and you just offer a lot of different things around that, so instead of focussing on all the solutions you offer, focus on the purpose behind those offers.

e.g I want to empower women to feel free in their creative expression.

Consider what is common with everything that you're offering and everything that you're doing and creating look for the common ground. Then think about how you can communicate that into a brand. It could mean that your brand identity is quite pared back and simple, and it communicates it in a more subtle way because you want your work to really shine and show off your style with your actual work.

Brand foundations are really pivotal when it comes to branding, because people try so hard to try and show off everything about who they are and what they do, and try and put in every style that they love into one thing And that's why there's this tension with their branding. Because they like so many style and  want to say so many different things about themselves and then feel overwhelmed and confused about how to turn that into a cohesive brand identity. Then they end up a complete mess with it because they're trying to communicate too much about their style rather than trying to communicate about the actual brand itself.

Have you been Struggling with This?

Have you been struggling with these? I hope this post got you thinking. Start by listing out those things that are consistent in your brand and begin to brainstorm how you can communicate that element of your brand in your brand identity.

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