Christmas is upon us and it can feel like a magical time. It’s a time of year that brings up different memories, associations and feelings. There is a certain atmosphere and magic to it.

Wouldn’t you love to create that same feeling with your brand? For it to stir emotions, evoke memories and create connection?

The Atmosphere of Christmas

I don’t know about you, but when Christmas stuff starts showing up in the shops, I initially feel a bit annoyed. It seems to come out so early and use makes it feel like the year is passing by in a flash.

But then as we head into December and get right into the thick of it, there is just an atmosphere. It begins to feel magical, special, and different. The mood and tone shifts. We begin to reflect, celebrate, decorate, plan, dream, treat, consider, give and bond. Work slows down and parties and gatherings fire up.

Now everyone will have a different experience and different feeling come up, but a brand is just the same, While we try to create a feeling everyone will respond to our brand differently.

This is why in our brand it is so important to hone in on a specific niche audience because you can really get to know them and create a band feeling and vibe that they will respond positively to.

Create a Touch of Magic

So the first thing Christmas inspires us to bring to our brand is a touch of magic. Bringing something special, your sparkle, some curiosity, atmosphere and something that takes people out of the ordinary.

How could you add more magic to your brand? Make it feel like an experience that takes them out of the every day, adds spark to their lives and inspires their curiosity.

Perhaps with a special surprise element, something unexpected or just a spectacularly breathtaking experience. Add delight to your customer's experience.

Be Memorable

Christmas is highly memorable. There are iconic images, colours, sounds,  icons, tastes, smells and imagery. We instantly associate these things with Christmas. We don’t have to question if it might be Christmas or not, it is so synonymous with Christmas, that we associate it without a second thought.

So how can we make our own branding memorable? Building iconic imagery, icons, symbols and objects.

What objects, colours, graphics, objects or even smells o you want people to associate with your brand? So when they see them they think of you. And how can you be consistent in your imagery, so that people will recognise when a graphic comes from you?

Evoke Emotions in Your Audience

You can’t deny that Christmas time can evoke a lot of emotions and make us feel something. These feelings may be different for everyone, but it’s a season that brings up emotions from joy to mourning.

Emotions create strong connections and bonds, so it’s important to consider the kind of emotions you would like to evoke for people. This is why having a specific audience niche makes a big difference, as you can really consider what will evoke the right emotions in that audience.

Consider, do you want them to feel calm? Joy? Excited? Empowered? Reflective? Fired Up?

Christmas is also a time of connection. With family gatherings, carols, community events, pageants, parties, celebrations of achievement and the year past together.

We find common bonds and celebrate. This sense of community and common bonds is another thing we can bring to our own brand. Create a place people for people of similar interests and struggles, where they can connect an feel heard. And also create ways to celebrate your community and have special events to create excitement and further bonds.

Giving to Others

At this time of year, we also take time to consider others, from buying gifts for those we care about, to donating to charities, and giving of our time and putting extra love and care into things we make and do for others.

This is something we can also bring to our brand. Including creating with love and care. Finding ways to give to our audience and customers. And also giving back to the things we believe in and aligning with charities or causes.

Tell Stories and Enchant

A Christmas time we tell stories, fables, watch movies, read books. There are so many stories around Christmas. From family stories to the make-believe stories of Santa and magic, and tales that make us reflect on the meaning of Christmas. Religious stories, folk stories, heroic stories, magical stories.

Don’t think stories are just for families to share. You can intertwine story into your own brand too. The story of how you started doing what you do, the story of how you make or create your work, the story of your customer and who they can become or the story of the difference your brand makes. It can be small everyday stories or bigger picture stories.

People love stories, enchant your audience, set the scene, paint a picture ad bring them on a journey. I’ll create a much deeper connection with your brand.

Create Traditions

Christmas time is full of traditions. We all have our own individual, family and community traditions. These traditions become something we come to expect and feel comforting and memorable. They are the things we remember most when we reflect back on Christmas’s of the past.

You can create traditions in your brand too. Things people can come to expect and look forward to. It could be something you do on a certain day each year or even something you do a certain day each week.
Consider how you could create fun traditions in your business to get your audience involved and build anticipation.

Oh, the anticipation!

Speaking of anticipation, there is plenty this time of year! With countdowns, advent calendars, events leading up, excitement and buzz.

How could you create times of anticipation in your brand? Perhaps countdowns to launches, promos or special events. Sneak peaks, behind-the-scenes, previews. Get creative and build anticipation, excitement and buzz

I hope this post has inspired you got you thinking about ways you can add more sparkle and joy to your brand

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