Do you think that your brand just needs to be beautiful? That just a really aesthetic a nice looking brand, is all you need to appeal to people. They will think 'oh, that's such a beautiful, lovely looking brand'. And because it looks so beautiful, they'll think 'oh, that must be a really good quality brand I feel really attracted to it.'

Do you think that just having something that looks really beautiful and aesthetic is going to attract all the right people, they're going to just be drawn in by those beautiful aesthetics. That all you have to do is make your brand look professional and nice. Well, if you've just been chasing, making sure that your brand looks at authentic, beautiful and nice, then you've been chasing the wrong thing when it comes to branding.

Just having a beautiful aesthetic brand is not enough.

What is Wrong with only Considering Aesthetics?

You aren't Considering Brand Positioning

The trouble with focusing only on aesthetics is that you're not taking into consideration the actual positioning of the brand. A brand can look beautiful, but not be positioned correctly. The problem with this is that you can end up attracting the wrong people or sending the wrong message about the kind of brand that you have. You really need to be clear on where you want to position your brand in the marketplace and making sure that your visuals are aligned with that.

If it is pretty, but isn't sending that right message, then you might attract the wrong people. You might get people that are not willing to pay what you want to charge, or you might have people that think that they can afford what you have, but it turns out they actually can't or someone might be looking for something that's really high end, but then they look at your branding and think 'oh, no that's not what I'm looking for. And they don't give you a chance because you haven't considered that positioning.

Positioning is a really important part of making sure that you're getting the right kind of people noticing your brand. And that you're really considering. Amongst all your competitors where your brand actually sits amongst everyone else, who's doing similar things.

Consider what it is about your brand that's a little bit different. How is it different in the marketplace? Is it more affordable? Isn't it more luxury? Is it more quality? Is it faster or is it a slower process. Are you the healthier option more tasty? Really think about how you're making yourself a bit different, getting clear on how you want to position your brand will then how it will affect how your visuals are going to look.

You aren't Clear on What you Communicate

The next problem with focusing just on aesthetics and looking really beautiful is that it doesn't actually communicate anything.

It's all well and good to have a brand that looks really pretty and nice.  But what's actually saying about your brand.

What does it actually communicate? Is it telling people anything about who you are, what you offer, your values, your story, the Nate, anything at all? Does it evoke any kind of emotions other than just admiration for how pretty it is? If your brand isn't communicating anything in particular and just looks nice, it could end up actually communicating the wrong message because you've just tried to make it look nice.

If you haven't thought about the message your brand visuals communicate, it might be a mix-match and confuse people. It won't be very clear what your brand is communicating or it might communicate completely the wrong message and people will get confused about who you are and what you actually offer, and if it is something they would be interested in or not.

You will just end up leaving people confused and unsure about your brand rather than being really clear about it. It makes your brand a bit wishy-washy because there's no clarity about what it's communicating.

Aesthetics are Subjective

When it comes to making things look beautiful it can be very subjective. One person is going to think that's really beautiful and wonderful and so aesthetic and gorgeous. However, another person might be not be into that style and so be put off yoru brand. The thing is when it comes to strategic branding where you're thinking about what you're communicating and making sure that your visuals are based on those things and have strong foundations in the brand direction, rather than just looking pretty you'll still attract people that aren't so much into the brand style because they realize it's still communicating to them. And even though the style might not be their thing, the brand is still for them.

Notice there are brands out there that you might not necessarily be that into the look of the brand. You might not be swooning over at and saying 'oh, this is the most gorgeous brand out there', but you still really love the brand and you're still attracted to it. This is because the branding isn't about just looking pretty, but it's communicating a message and you still feel some sort of resonance with that message.

You will More Easily Lose Interest in Your Brand and will Want to Change Things Again.

Finally, if you've just based your branding on looking beautiful in aesthetic, you could easily lose interested in it quite quickly because there's no real foundations to it.

If you've just simply chosen it because it's the style you are into right now or something that you thought looked pretty at the time, it won't last. Your tastes will change or eventually you're going to get sick of it, and you get swept away by new styles and looks that you love.

If you're constantly changing things up, this leads to confusion again, because you're not creating a really recognizable and memorable brand. Instead its a constantly changing, inconsistent brand.

If you are creating a brand that's constantly changing and it's all over the place and it just leaves people confused and unsure about your brand.

Sure there will be times your branding needs to change or evolve, but the reasons should be because your messaging is changing, and not because a new font came out that you fell in love with.

Aesthetic do Still Matter

Now this doesn't mean that aesthetics don't matter. You can have a beautiful brand, but a brand that's strategically beautiful. You want it to look good with intentional meaning behind the visuals.

There is reasoning behind the decisions you made. You chose the colours you use for a particular reason. You chose the fonts you use for a particular reason. You created your logo to look a certain way for a particular reason.

If you have strategy behind that, you're going to feel much more confident in what you've created, and you're going to really be able to build a strong brand.

It won't be just a 'wishy washy', 'looks kind of pretty', 'hopefully it attracts some people' kind of brands.

I hope this got you thinking about how you need to be considering more than just the aesthetics and making your brand look beautiful, but creating a brand that has a bit more strategy behind.

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