You have your own business, you are free to do with it whatever you want, so of course, you want to design your branding to be something you love. You want to have fun with it, and create that dream branding.But it isn't just all about you and what you like. If you want your business to connect with customers, make sales and be a real business and not just a fun side project, then you also have to consider your Audience.These are the people you want to attract, want to connect with what you do. The people who rave about your work, buy what you create and get inspired by what you do.While naturally you likely want to attract people similar to you, with similar interests and tastes. You still can't just expect that if you do whatever you want, that they will find you.This doesn't mean you can't take risks, try new things or put something very different or unusual out there. You first need to know who it is for and if they even potentially will be attracted to it. Because if it is going to confuse them, push them away, upset them or be of complete disinterest to them, then you either need to reconsider who you are aiming at or change the way you brand yourself to better attract them.Sometimes marketing a very new or unusual product, will make or break in how it is Branded. Which is why it is so critical to understand who we are aiming our branding at. We need to sell an idea to these people, so it is critical to know how to communicate with them and what will convince them, and attract them.

What is an Ideal Audience?

By ideal audience, I am talking about the Customer, client, follower, fan or reader that you want to attract to your brand. So whatever your business or brand model is, it is the person that you want to be attracting. It could be to work with you, hire you, buy from you, support you or read or watch your content.Without these people, we are not really creating a brand, but a personal project. If we want what we do go beyond our own home or studio and out into the world, then we really need to be clear about who these people are.It is no use to market to everyone or any old person who happens to think it's cool. As the old saying goes, 'Sell to everyone and you sell to no one'.Your ideal audience needs to niche. You need to think about things like where they are from, what they do, their interests, lifestyle and anything that relates to what you do and why they want or need what you can offer them.By being clear on these things, you can then better find ways to attract them and communicate with them and help them see that you have something to offer they want or need.

How to you Niche Your Audience.

If you are unsure how to decide who you want your audience to be, first start broad and narrow down. So first think about what the solution, service or product you offer is. In general who needs  or is interested in that?Then think how you can refine that down further based on :

  • Who you feel most connected to or drawn to help.
  • The people you tend to get most excited about helping.
  • Your own values or beliefs that you are passionate about.
  • Any gaps in the market you think you could fill.
  • The old you. If you are offing some kind of transformation, that you yourself went through and now you help others, who were you back then.
  • Based on your own past and experiences. Are there people that you can relate to and you really understand and get what they are experiencing.
  • What interests you and you what love to talk about and learn more about all the time.

Don't just pick an Audience at random, be strategic and thoughtful about it. Remeber you want to be excited about helping them, and always on the lookout for ways to encourage them and share things with them, so there needs to be some level of connection or similarity.

Why they Need to be Considered Before you Brand.

Your Audience can't be an after thought, and you can't just hope or expect that they like it without giving any thought to them.It is critical that you consider them from the start, before creating any branding, so that you can tailoring your branding toward them.Branding should be the combination of YOU + YOUR AUDIENCE + YOUR BUSINESS. Each has it's own unique character and elements that you can bring to the brand. But what is particularly important about considering your audience, is that these are the people that will make or break the business.

  • You consider yourself, to bring your own unique twist and personality to the brand (this is what makes it different from the competition), and to help your Audience feel a connection to you, and make it more personal.
  • You consider the business, as it has its own values, story and mission that you want to share and want your audience to resonate with and feel the business gets them.
  • And you consider your Audience, because they are the ones that make it a business. They are the people you want to help, and speak directly to. And ultimately they are the ones you need to make a profit. It is critical that you are able to convince them to buy.

By considering your Audience before you start branding, you are making sure you know who you are directing your branding toward, and considering what it is that will attract them and keep them hanging around as well.

What You Should Consider about Your Audience.

You need to consider, who these people are and why they need you. Once you have decided how you will niche down your audience and who they are, think about and research the following about them.

  • What values and beliefs are important to them.
  • What are they struggling with and need a solution to?
  • What styles and trends are they into?
  • What kind of lifestyle do they have?
  • Any behaviours or habits particular to what your brand does?
  • What language do they use? Any words or phrases?
  • What do they need and what are they searching for?
  • How do they want to feel?
  • How do they currently feel?
  • What obstacles do they face?
  • What have they tried in the past?
  • What are they experiencing?
  • Who are they influenced by or look up to?
  • What other brands do they buy from and why do they opt for those brands?

Consider your Audience to Create Unique Branding.

By talking to your audience, interviewing them, listening to them, watching them and getting to know them, you can discover what may be missing in the market place.What problems are they facing? What don't they like about the brands that currently offer a solution?Maybe all the current offers out there are bland or old fashioned, and you can bring a fresh and fun brand with the solution. Or perhaps there is a lot of sameness, and they are getting bored of the same thing or struggling to tell them apart, so you could come in with a different way of doing it.Or it could be little thoughtful things like maybe it's for a personal item and they want it to more discreet, so you offer something more thoughtfully discreet or cleverly hidden.Or they need more motivation to use it, so you could make it more playful and exciting, to encourage and motivate them.Perhaps they are struggling to find something that aligns with their values, and you can focus your branding on those values and how you offer the market alternative.Doing market research certainly doesn't have to be boring, let it be an opportunity to get creative and think outside the industry norms and offer a unique solution and branding twist.

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